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Tent Classification

        To consider different purposes ,the tents are divided into different styles.We can always find five styles in our camping world.

A, triangular tent, before and after using the herringbone iron pipe for the stent, a rail connection intermediate frame, propped up internal accounts, accounts can be installed outside, which is the most common tent many years ago.

B, dome-shaped tents, known as yurts, double pole cross bracing and disassembly are relatively simple. It is currently the most popular style.

C, hexagonal tent, using three or four cross bracing, and some use six cross bracing, focusing on the stability of the tent, is a common "alpine type" tent.

D, ship-bottom tent, after Flip over propped like a boat, can be divided into two, three different ways of support, usually in the middle of the bedroom, two of Hall shed, designed to focus on anti-wind line, is also common style.

E, roof shaped tent, which is shaped like a small independent tile-roofed house, the support is usually four corners of the column, a formula was added to the roof ridge. This tent is generally tall and heavy ,so it is suitable for motorists or relatively fixed field operations camping.

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